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Our First Born - Ed: The Perfect Minimalist Wallet

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On June 22, 2017, We decided to launch our Ed: The Perfect Minimalist Wallet on Kickstarter!

Many have wondered how do we actually came up with the idea of Ed?


perfect minimalist wallet

Ed - Originally is an origami-inspired wallet which able to separate your coins, cards, and cash. It is designed to be small and slim that fits everything.

The whole idea came about when back in the days due to the need of traveling between countries and city. Each time we traveled, we would have to select a smaller wallet, bringing only the necessities for my trip with a smaller wallet.

Then, we began to look out for a minimalist wallet that is small and compact. However, the biggest problem is what do you do with your coins? Most small minimalist wallet doesn't not allow you to put your coins securely.


ed: the perfect minimalist wallet

With that in mind, we then began to develop a small-sized, minimalist wallet that can be used every day for holding cards, cash, and coins with ease.

Ed had a long journey, to begin with, first, we began prototyping it with different type of leathers such as crazy horse leather, full-grain leather, and even vegetable-tanned leather. And we have to factor in that the leather can overcome long-term usage ensuring its durability. Getting the right dimension was tough as well, where we want a wallet that can fit coins, bills, and cards but yet remains to be slim and minimalist.

Now, we are proud to say we have created something we are truly proud of. We are so grateful for the opportunity to share this with the Kickstarter Community as well as many who helped us during the development of Ed: The Perfect Minimalist Wallet 

A big thank you to everyone! 

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