Slimming your Wallet - What Happens to Your Coins?

Dec 04, 20

Slimming your Wallet - What Happens to Your Coins?

Thought of slimming your wallet?
And what is going to happen to your coins?

If you thought of slimming your wallet, you are on the right website! Slimming your wallet helps to reduce your bulk wallet and create a style for your every day carry (EDC). More often, we hear this, what is going to happen to your coins?

Not to worry, over here we share with you some options on how you can store your coins and slim your wallet at the same time.

1. Put them in your pockets

At times you may get just a few coins, no harm putting them in your pockets since they are just a handful of them. If you are wearing jeans, don't forget the mini pocket that allows you to fit in a few coins. That mini pocket is the perfect solution if you are keeping just a few coins.

2. Get a separate coin pouch/case

In the beginning when I just getting used to a minimalist card wallet, I got a coin pouch where it just holds all my coins. 

It works very well, but the coin pouch is usually bulky than a minimalist wallet. It will slowly build up and it just creates a big bag of coins in your pocket, so do remember to spend those coins in your coin pouch before it gets heavy and bulky.

I love this origami coin pouch design!

3. Get a Minimalist Wallet that holds coins

So far, the best solution, in my opinion, is to get a minimalist wallet that carries coins and your everyday carry.
With most slim wallets trend now which focus more on minimalism that makes them not accommodating with coins.
The Ed Classic Wallet is not only slim, but it comes with a pocket compartment for your coins, card slots for your cards, and together with a cash slot. It just holds your everyday carry in place even coins!

4. All the above

Many of us may be unaware that storing too many things in a leather wallet may stretch the leather and causes it to deformed. It is good to consistently clear your bulky stuff from your minimalist wallet by putting extra coins into your coin pouch.

And that's it for now, these are our ideas carrying your coins.