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We have just launched our Kickstarter project!

Hi everyone! Thank you for your support with Ed Charly!  We have just launched our 2nd Kickstarter project: The Ideal Slim Minimalist Wallet.With a launch price of $20 with free worldwide shipping! Available in full grain leather / crazy horse leather Click the link below for more information about our kickstarter project: The Ideal Slim Minimalist Wallet: Ed Charly Thank you everyone!  Specs & Features: Check out the video below here: 

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Why carry a minimalist wallet?

There has been a hype on minimalist wallet these days, and many will start asking what exactly defines a minimalist wallet?  First of all, most of us carry our wallets all day. And having said that, we tend to keep many items in our wallet since it is something we carry every day.  Items that we generally put into our wallets will be ID, cash, cards and even coins. Since we carry our wallet every day, gradually, we tend to introduce other items into the wallet such as receipt, discount coupons, business cards, rewards card, etc. Which ends up making our wallet fat and bulky.  With that, the era of minimalist wallet is born!  How do we define a minimalist...

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