What has happened to my leather wallet?

Mar 28, 18

What has happened to my leather wallet?

What has happened to my leather wallet?


Something has grown on it, that is mold. The number one enemy for all leather products.

Here's a quick method to clean up your wallet or practically any leather product you have.

First, you will need a cloth, and remember please use a cloth but not tissue paper, alcohol swap, or anything other than cloth. If you use a tissue or anything that is cotton, it might stain onto the wallet making it even more difficult to clean.

1. Damp the cloth with a small amount of water

2. Wipe off the mold with your damp cloth

3. Let it dry

4. Apply leather wax if you have any

That's all you need to do. Remember to always put your wallet in a dry environment like in your cupboard, if need to, you may consider getting a desiccant dehumidifiers or moisture absorber for all your leather product in a cupboard.

Do remember to take good care of your leather product if not mold is going to attack them!