full grain leather

What is full grain leather?

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full grain leather

What is full grain leather? 


Full-grain leather is the highest quality, most expensive type of cowhide. This luxurious material comes from the best top layer of the hide, so it's smooth and unblemished by any previous sanding or treatments, giving it a natural outlook. 

Natural markings such as scarring, stretch marks, and blemishes can be found in this leather. These markings are the hallmark of high-quality leather goods. 

These markings are often mistakenly referred to as "defects" But, these markings are proof of the animal's natural source. Lack of natural markings can usually indicate that leather is of less high quality. 

Full grain leather is also durable. Because the grain is intact, its fibers are a key factor in its strength.  

A characteristic of full grain leather is its ability to breathe. It absorbs oils and moisture over time, giving it a beautiful patina. 


How can you tell the difference between full-grain leather from top-grain or genuine leather?


Full-grain has the highest quality. Top-grain, however, is more affordable and provides a fuller-grain look for a fraction of the price. 

Although full-grain may have natural imperfections and scars, top-grain does not replicate full grain in all aspects. Sanding is done to remove any imperfections. This makes it less breathable and gives leather products a consistent look.


What is full-grain leather used for?


Full-Grain leather makes luxury products such as boots, shoes, belts, jackets, and belts. It is also used in high-end furniture making and automobile upholstery.  

Full-grain is durable, versatile, and long-lasting. You can enjoy its natural beauty for many years. Full-grain leather will only become more beautiful with age and usage.


We use different types of full grain leather for our collection:

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What leather is best for you? 

It depends on your preference for products that age beautifully and reflect your personality. Or if you prefer something that remains consistent over time.

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