Why Do You Need a Travel Wallet?

Mar 18, 20

Why Do You Need a Travel Wallet?

Why Do You Need a Travel Wallet? 

Many at times you will be wondering why is it necessary to carry more than just one wallet? 

In the beginning, like anyone you probably stick to 1 wallet and that wallet will follow you for a few years at least until the wallet starts to wear and tear, you decide to buy a new wallet or maybe you receive a wallet gift for your birthday.

Sound familiar? This happens to me too!

fat wallet

That's how my wallet looks due to wear and tear which prompt me to get a new wallet. And highly likely, the new wallet that I got is somewhat similar to the above because that is something I am very used to carry around.

All of a sudden, there comes a day I needed to travel out of the country for a business trip. I realized that I can't be carrying my regular fat wallet for my trip since the currency, the reward cards, Starbucks card that I can't use them in other countries. Hence, I start to organise my wallet by removing cards, cash, and coins from my fat wallet since I can't be using them when I travel overseas. 

Magically, I started to see my fat wallet becomes slim, that's where I realized, isn't it better to get a new wallet instead for my trip?

With that in mind, I managed to get hold my very first travel slim wallet. After years of having a travel wallet, I understand the importance of having one. 

travel wallet

Here are some reasons why it is important to carry another wallet especially if you love travelling around:

It keeps you organised for your trip.

The simplest way to avoid bringing too much things to a trip is to get a smaller wallet, that way you will bring what is essential such as cash, cards keeping everything in place and organised.

There are some travel wallet that practically holds everything from cash, cards, to even passport. It keeps everything in one place and even rooms for your travel documents like boarding pass, declaration, clearance forms.
But of course, it might be too big for some. Thus, my personal preference will be a separate wallet for my cash, cards and ID for daily usage. My passport will be kept elsewhere.

Travel Safe with a Travel Wallet

Most of the travel wallet are RFID protected, which means you can travel at ease with all your credit cards with a RFID protected wallet. RFID blocking wallets are designed to block electronic pick-pocketing as the most of our cards are embedded with radio frequency chips.

With that in mind, it is time for you to make a choice! Find a wallet that fits your style, whether if it is a slim wallet, a minimalist wallet. Just make sure it is able to carry your daily essential safely. 

Happy Travelling!