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First project - Ed: The Perfect Minimalist Wallet (262% funded on Kickstarter)
Second project - The Ideal Slim Minimalist Wallet (125% funded on Kickstarter)

Vulcan Post
"And perhaps this wallet could just be that universal wallet for everything."

"I hate having coins in my pockets! This is more than needed for me 👍 "– Julien, Head of Customer Support

Slim wallet junkie
"Recently, we came across another slim, minimalist wallet which can hold coins, cards, keys and cash and we love it!"

Ed Wallet

About Ed Wallet (First kickstarter project)

The very first idea came up back in 2015 as we were always frustrated carrying loose change whenever at work or even travelling out of town. We kept thinking, wouldn't it be nice to just bring a smaller wallet each time we travel anywhere. With that in mind, our first creation, Ed wallet was born. 

Our mission is to make a simple, stylish and functional well-crafted wallet that simplifies your life.

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Download our press kit here for Ed Wallet: Press Kit