Editorial Guidelines

Editorial Guidelines for EdCharly.com

Our Commitment to Quality and Expertise


  • At Ed Charly, we're not just passionate about minimalist wallets – we're experts in them. Our dedication to delivering the most relevant, stylish, and practical content about minimalist wallets and men's fashion is unwavering. 

Expert Fact-Checking

  • Every piece of content on EdCharly.com goes through a rigorous fact-checking process. Our team, ensures that all information is accurate, current, and relevant. We believe in providing our readers with reliable and trustworthy content. 

Content Creation Process

Research and Development 

  • Our articles start with thorough research. We dive deep into the latest trends, materials, designs, and technologies in the world of minimalist wallets.

Writing and Editing 

  • Our writers are skilled in creating engaging, informative, and easy-to-read content. Following the drafting phase, our editors meticulously review each article to ensure it aligns with our high standards for quality and style.

Fact-Checking and Review 

  • Before any article is published, it undergoes a comprehensive review. This step is crucial to maintain our commitment to accuracy and reliability. 

Our Standards 

Accuracy and Reliability 

  • We ensure that all information is current and factual. Our sources are reputable, and we cross-check data to maintain the highest level of accuracy.

Unbiased and Independent 

  • Our content is created independently and remains unbiased. While we may feature products from our brand or others, our opinions and recommendations are based on merit and user benefit, not on brand partnerships. 


  • We write for you – the stylish, discerning, and practical individual. Our content aims to inform, inspire, and assist you in your journey towards finding the perfect minimalist wallet.

Feedback and Corrections 

  • We believe in transparency and accountability. If you find any inaccuracies or outdated information in our content, please reach out to us. We're committed to making corrections promptly and transparently.