Our Story

We believe that minimalism is about identifying the essential, eliminate the rest.
Ed Charly has received many positive reviews since our initial beginning on Kickstarter.
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Who are we?

Ed & Charly, based in Singapore aims to create meaningful functional minimalist products to suit your everyday needs.

How it all started?

Before starting Ed Charly, I was struggling to look for a minimalist wallet that carries coins. And I love to travel and have the tendency to switch to a smaller wallet bringing only the necessities, leaving my big fat wallet at home. Slowly, I became obsessed with looking for a wallet that can carry everything I need.

After almost a year of buying almost more than 50 wallets, looking for the perfect one. I decided to experiment and designed a new wallet based on the function and style that I liked which I deemed as practical, functional & minimalist.

And with that in mind, the first Kickstarter project was born: Ed - The Perfect Minimalist Wallet which funded more than 250%.

And we like to thank everyone for your support there.
Ed & Charly
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Ed had a long journey, to begin with, first, we began prototyping it with a different types of leathers such as crazy horse leather, full-grain leather, and even vegetable-tanned leather. And we have to factor in that the leather can overcome long-term usage ensuring its durability. Getting the right dimension was tough as well, where we want a wallet that can fit coins, bills, and cards but yet remains to be slim and minimalist. 

Crowdfunding Success

Ed Charly believes in its the crowd. On August 6 2017, our first product Ed: The Perfect Minimalist Wallet was successfully funded in a Kickstarter campaign exceeding the funding goal of 250%.


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First project - Ed: The Perfect Minimalist Wallet 

Second project - The Ideal Slim Minimalist Wallet

ed sleek: the ideal slim minimalist wallet

Third project - Ed Contemporary: The Minimalist Card Holder Wallet

ed contemporary: the minimalist card holder wallet