Our Story

The whole idea came about due to the frequent travel between countries and cities. For each trip, we will have a tendency to switch to a smaller wallet bringing only the necessities, leaving the regular wallet at home.
With that, we started looking for a minimalist wallet which also a travel wallet. However, the biggest problem is what do you do with your coins?
As some countries have lots of coins but some don't. And most small minimalist wallet does not allow you to put your coins securely.

With that in mind, we then began to develop a small-sized, minimalist wallet that can be used every day for holding cards, cash, and coins with ease. And our first wallet, Ed: The Perfect Minimalist is born!

And we are grateful it has received great responses from Kickstarter!

Ed had a long journey, to begin with, first, we began prototyping it with different type of leathers such as crazy horse leather, full-grain leather, and even vegetable-tanned leather. And we have to factor in that the leather can overcome long-term usage ensuring its durability. Getting the right dimension was tough as well, where we want a wallet that can fit coins, bills, and cards but yet remains to be slim and minimalist.

Who we are? 

Ed Charly, a team of product designers based in Singapore aims to create meaningful functional minimalist products to suits your everyday needs. 

Crowdfunding Success 

Ed Charly believes in its the crowd. On August 6 2017, our first product Ed: The Perfect Minimalist Wallet was successfully funded in a Kickstarter campaign exceeding the funding goal of 250%.

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First project - Ed: The Perfect Minimalist Wallet 

Second project - The Ideal Slim Minimalist Wallet

ed sleek: the ideal slim minimalist wallet

Third project - Ed Contemporary: The Minimalist Card Holder Wallet

ed contemporary: the minimalist card holder wallet


"I hate having coins in my pockets! This is more than needed for me 👍 "– Julien, Head of Customer Support


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