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Difference between regular and through cash slot

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Back in December 2020, we have released a batch of wallets with the regular cash slot. 

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Here is a quick guide on the difference between the regular cash slot and the through cash slot. 

The "through cash slot" and "regular cash slot" of an Ed Charly wallet refer to the two different ways that cash can be inserted into the wallet.


What's the regular cash slot? 


A regular cash slot is the traditional type of slot that most wallets have. It's a simple opening or pocket on the top where you can insert your bills.

To use a regular cash slot, you simply fold your bills in half and insert them into the slot.

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What's the through cash slot? 


On the other hand, a through cash slot is a bit different. It's a slot that goes all the way through the wallet, allowing you to insert your bills from one end and pull them out from the other. 


What are the advantages of each cash slot? 


While both types of cash slots serve the same basic purpose of holding your cash, they offer different levels of convenience and functionality.

A regular cash slot is more common and straightforward, while a through cash slot is a bit more unique and can provide a quicker and easier way to access your cash.

Ultimately, the choice between the two types of cash slots will come down to personal preference and the specific needs of the individual user. 


Will the folded cash bill fall out from the through cash slot?
It's unlikely that a folded cash bill would fall out of the through cash slot of an Ed Charly wallet. The through cash slot is designed to securely hold bills in place while still allowing for easy access.

The slot is typically sized to fit the most commonly used bills, and the materials used to construct the wallet are selected to provide grip and prevent the bills from slipping out.

That being said, it's always possible that a bill could slip out of the through cash slot if it's not inserted properly.

It's important to insert bills carefully and ensure that they're fully pushed through the slot and resting securely in the designated pocket. If the bills are loose or not fully inserted, they may be more likely to fall out.

I hope the above guide will help you with your choice of cash slot. 

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