Difference between regular and through cash slot

Posted by Ed Charly on

Back in December 2020, we have released a batch of wallets with the regular cash slot. 

slim wallet


Here is a quick guide on the difference between the regular cash slot and the through cash slot.


What's the through cash slot?


The through cash slot has two openings, one at the top another at the bottom.


What's the regular cash slot?


The regular cash slot has one opening at the top of the wallet with the bottom sealed.


What are the advantages of each cash slot?


Through cash slot

  • Easy access to your bills with either side of the wallet


Regular cash slot

  • Simple access to your bills from the top of the wallet



Will the folded cash bill fall out from the through cash slot?
  • No, we had tested out the wallet before we launched it on the market. As long as the wallet is loaded optimally with cards, coins, and cash, the wallet will be compacted, preventing the bills from falling off.
I hope the above guide will help you with your choice of cash slot. 

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