Why do people love carrying a minimalist wallet?

Feb 28, 18

Why do people love carrying a minimalist wallet?

There has been a hype on minimalist wallets these days, and many will start asking what exactly defines a minimalist wallet?

First of all, most of us carry our wallets all day. And having said that, we tend to keep many items in our wallet since it is something we carry every day.

Items that we generally put into our wallets will be ID, cash, cards, and even coins. Since we carry our wallet every day, gradually, we tend to introduce other items into the wallet such as receipts, discount coupons, business cards, rewards cards, etc. Which ends up making our wallet fat and bulky.

With that, the era of minimalist wallet is born!

How do we define a minimalist wallet? 


A minimalist wallet is a wallet that is out of the traditional bifold, trifold wallets.


This is an example of a traditionally bifold wallet (image taken from pixabay) - Does it look familiar to you?

And these are the minimalist wallets from Ed Charly. 



The traditional bifold wallet usually comes with a standard card and cash slots and some may even have a coin pouch in it.

A minimalist wallet has no boundaries for its design, style, and material. Its main purpose is to slim down your traditional wallet to something slim and easy to carry around every-day.

Let's talk about the benefits of carrying a minimalist wallet.


1. Carrying a minimalist wallet will make you more organized.


A smaller wallet helps you stay organized by bringing only the daily necessity such as ID cards, travel cards, credit cards. Thus by staying organized, it gives you easy access to your wallet than needing to open a big and bulky wallet just to search for a travel card. 


2. It reduces the chances of losing your wallet.


Having a fat and bulky wallet could increase your wallet of losing your wallet as it does not stays in your pocket especially when you are sited down. You could be holding onto your wallet while sited down or placing it on the table or in your bag. The great benefit of having a minimalist wallet, you can always leave it in your front pocket trouser or shirt pocket, it greatly reduces the chances of losing your wallet anywhere.


3. It is much more comfortable.


Do away the big and bulky wallet, a minimalist wallet allows you to place it in the front pocket and you won't need to sit on your bulky wallet in your back pocket.

Regardless of which style of wallet you are getting in the future, I hope you consider buying a minimalist wallet. As the minimalist wallet era are getting popular, many wallet brands are starting to come out with minimalist wallet at a much higher cost as well.

All the best in finding your one and only minimalist wallet!