Exciting Announcement: Ed Charly Acquires Kisetsu Assets!

Exciting Announcement: Ed Charly Acquires Kisetsu Assets!

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New Year New Beginning


We're thrilled to kick off the new year with a major announcement!

Ed Charly has recently completed the acquisition of Kisetsu Co, including their esteemed brand and wallet assets.

This strategic move has significantly expanded our collections, adding four exceptional wallets, ranging from bifold designs to sleek minimalist card holders.

This acquisition is particularly exciting for us because it allows us to introduce a diverse range of wallets to our valued community.

We are constantly striving to offer our customers a varied selection of products, and Kisetsu's wallet line aligns with our vision.


kisetsu wallet


While we are excited about this new development, we still have a lot of work ahead. We're currently undergoing store renovations and preparing to introduce a series of new product lines.

The journey toward this acquisition began when we had the pleasure of meeting Kisetsu's owners. After engaging in extensive discussions, it became evident that Kisetsu was in a transitional phase.

Recognizing the opportunity to fill certain gaps in our own wallet offerings, we worked together to finalize the details, coming to this successful acquisition in December 2022


haru wallet


About Kisetsu

Kisetsu is a company that cherishes the belief that simplicity is the key to a fulfilling life. Their remarkable collection of stylish and incredibly slim wallets embodies this philosophy.

The founders of Kisetsu, a passionate group of friends have been creating innovative wallets that help people declutter their lives and focus on what truly matters.

It's worth noting that Kisetsu's minimalist wallet brand has enjoyed success, with successful crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter, raising nearly $250,000. This impressive track record makes their collection an excellent fit for anyone embracing the minimalist lifestyle.

We're thrilled to welcome Kisetsu's assets into the Ed Charly family and can't wait to share our exciting new collections with you.

Stay tuned for updates as we embark on this journey together!

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