Welcoming Kisetsu to the Family

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New Year New Beginning

Welcome to a new year and a new beginning!

We are very excited to share the news with you here.

But before we get into that, on behalf of our team members, we wish you a happy new year and hope you have a chance to slim down your wallet!

Our big news

We recently purchased the brand, Kisetsu Co, which included their brand & wallet assets. This instantly expanded our collections by four added wallets ranging from bifold to minimalist-style card holders.

What's so attractive about this, for us, is that we are able to bring in a different range of wallets to the community.

But we have a long way to go. Consider today's announcement a heads up, as we are undergoing store refits and welcoming a series of product lines.

How it all started, as we met up with the owners and had a long chat with them and it became clear that the brand was in a transition period. As our brand is lack certain styles of wallets, it gives us an opportunity there.

By Dec 2022, we ironed out the details and here we are!

About Kisetsu

As a company, Kisetsu believes that people are disillusioned to think they need a lot more than they actually do. The products they make – all a part of a unique collection of stylish, incredibly slim wallets – embody that belief. Kisetsu recognizes this quality in people, and the company’s founders, a group of four passionate friends with a mission, have been creating innovative wallets that allow their users to cut back on things that clutter their lives and allow them to focus on the essentials.

And with 5 successful crowdfunding campaigns raising nearly $250,000 on Kickstarter for their minimalist wallet brand, which makes it great collection for any minimalist.

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